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VAT Recovery

Does your company do business in Europe, Japan, Canada, South Korea and Australia?

VAT(Value Added Tax) is added to your business and travel expenses in these countries.

If your company incurs VAT, Global VAT solutions can help you recover up to 25% of your business and travel expenses, quickly and easily.

Let us do the work for you.


VAT - Large refund potential 

Does your company have recent business expenses from abroad? A big refund opportunity may be waiting for you. Take a look at your business receipts for a moment. Do you notice that a large tax amount has been charged on each invoice? This is the VAT (Value Added Tax) your company has paid. Do not miss this large refund potential! 

Your company may have overlooked a large tax refund for many years. With our help, your company can reclaim a large VAT refund without any hassle. We can show you how to get a refund, step by step.


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