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About GVS

Global VAT Solutions (GVS) is a professional firm based in the United States and Japan, specializing in VAT recovery and other VAT related services. Our dedicated staff has

expertise in VAT recovery from Europe, Japan and the other participating countries.

We are committed to maximixing our clients' refunds and providing a high level of comprehensive VAT reclamation services. At Global VAT Solutions, we measure our success

by yours. We work hard to earn and maintain our clients' trust and confidence


1. GVS provides one-stop comprehensive service - for all of your company's VAT refund claims in Europe and worldwide.

Each year, the number of VAT refunding countries is increasing. We are continually expanding our VAT reclamation expertise to newly participating countries. Our worldwide business partners provide us with the most current tax regulation information and the language proficiency needed to reclaim VAT in the rapidly changing global marketplace.


2. Up-to-date knowledge

GVS is a member of the International VAT Association (IVA), a European professional organization that assists members in obtaining up-to-date VAT regulations of participating countries and facilitates membership cooperation. As a result, our services are based on current and accurate information obtained from VAT authorities worldwide.


3. Proprietary Automated Reclamation Process

The GVS VAT reclamation process is highly automated. Our proprietary technology enables us to provide our clients with high quality individualized services.


4. A risk-free reclaiming process for your company

No advance payment – GVS does not require advance payment from your company. GVS offers your company an initial free-of-charge, no-obligation consultation. 

Success based fee – Our fee is based solely on the amount 
that we recover for your company. Your company's fee is a percentage of the recovered VAT. 

Direct deposit from VAT authorities - Refunds from VAT authorities are deposited directly into your company's bank account. This procedure guarantees transparent transactions and prompt refunds. After your company has received its refund, GVS will send an invoice to your company.



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