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Required Documents for reclaiming VAT

The required documents vary from country to country. We provide you with all the required forms and instructions to complete the refund process. The required documents may include: 


  • Original invoices – Most countries require original invoices to reclaim VAT. Your original invoices will be returned to you with your refunds. If your invoices are damaged or not issued under your company name, we offer an invoice replacement service.


  • Tax payer certificate (Certificate of Residency) - You need to obtain a certificate from your resident tax authority, providing proof that your company is registered in its own country. The document should include your company's name and address, the taxpayer tax ID number or VAT registration number, and the nature of its business activities in the country where VAT is recovered.


  • Power of attorney / letter of authorization – If you are claiming VAT in a country where fiscal representation is required, a power of attorney / letter of authorization is needed to allow a fiscal representative to claim VAT on your behalf. Those countries include Japan, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Poland and the Czech Republic. 

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