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Fiscal Representation

A well qualified fiscal representative can simplify and increase the profitability of your EU business. Fiscal representation enables your company to promptly account for your input VAT. Therefore, it will significantly improve your company's cash flow.


Some countries, such as France, Italy and Spain, require your company to have a resident citizen as its fiscal representative. Having a well qualified fiscal representative will ensure that your business operations are compliant with that country's VAT requirements.


A fiscal representative files your company tax returns, and becomes your company's guarantor for its VAT obligations within the country. Therefore,

it is important to select well-informed, reliable firms to represent your company.


Once your company is determined to be a taxable enterprise, it must issue invoices with the company's VAT number. Your company's invoices must meet the EU invoice guidelines. You must charge and account for VAT on all taxable transactions with the appropriate tax authorities. We will assist you with issuing invoices in compliance with the EU guidelines.


GVS staff and our global business partners are capable of carrying out all the fiscal representation obligations on behalf of your company throughout the EU and Japan.

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