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Refund Process_Europe and worldwide

Global VAT Solutions (GVS) assists our clients in reclaiming VAT refunds from Europe and worldwide. GVS works closely with our global partners in order to offer comprehensive and reliable services to our clients. Our VAT recovery services include:


Free initial consultation

If you have any questions about your company's eligibility to recover VAT, GVS' qualified staff is prepared to help you. You may contact us either by phone (8:30 AM - 5:00 PM Central Time USA), or by email. An initial consultation is free of charge. For additional information, you may also request our brochure.


On site invoice retrieval (Data collection)

On site invoice retrieval may be useful if your company has accumulated a large quantity of invoices. At your request, GVS will send our staff members to your company site to process the invoices eligible for VAT refunds.


Claim processing and submission

VAT refund forms are written in various foreign languages, and thus completing those forms is often a difficult and painstaking task. GVS will complete all the required forms and submit the claims to foreign tax authorities on behalf of your company.


Invoice replacement service

To be refundable, invoices must meet EU guidelines. For example, invoices usually must be issued under your company's name. In most countries, invoices issued under an employee's name will not be accepted for refund.GVS will review your invoices and verify that they comply with the guidelines. If necessary, we will request that the invoice issuer correct errors and reissue corrected invoices.


Rejected claim appeals

If your refund claim is rejected by the foreign tax authorities, GVS will review the cause of the rejection. If necessary, we will appeal the tax authorities decision.

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